This bundle includes:

  1. Anti-Hustle Method for Achieving Goals (20-minute video training + 8-page fillable workbook to help you implement changes in your solopreneur business so you can finally achieve your desired goals)
  2. Anti-Hustle Method private podcast (10 episodes to transform your thinking with journal prompts, featuring a revolutionary new approach to productivity with the mindset shifts to motivate you and transform your approach to business)
  3. Begin Your Biz Challenge (e-book + fillable checklists so you can make awesome progress with your business — in just 15 minutes/day — through an entire YEAR'S worth of daily action steps, organized into monthly themes to cover all aspects of solopreneurship)
  4. Business Bootcamp (video training for creating a strategic action plan, mission statement, and goal-setting, plus 3-month sample marketing strategy — so you get inspired and excited about business planning and strategic action plans)
  5. Business Planning Retreat Intensive (e-course for hosting a solo business retreat, plus sample business plan templates, business planning retreat questions, life plan one-pager, and how to map out ongoing weekly business audits)
  6. Foundations of Business Productivity (90-minute training outlining common solopreneur mistakes, action steps to fix those mistakes, powerful productivity assets every business owner needs ASAP, and a workbook to implement your learnings)
  7. Business of Writing & Editing Deluxe (e-book, fillable checklists, workbook, ideal client cheatsheet, and social media marketing training video for freelancers to get started with a writing and/or editing business)
  8. Monetize Your Blog with Freelance Writing (overview of professional blogging, plus what you need to know about creating a freelance services webpage and marketing/pricing your freelance writing services)
  9. Pitching Clients 101 e-course (how to find your perfect-fit freelance clients and promote your services effectively — This includes how to identify your ideal client, create your ideal client profile, create your client directory, compile a prospect list and sales pipeline, and build relationships with prospects, marketing strategy templates (including email marketing, social media media plans, and in-person networking), how to effectively pitch clients, email pitch formula, 4 stages of a pitch meeting, how to craft your pitch, your pitching plan of action, and best practices for following up with prospects and conducting an assessment after making the pitch)
  10. Keep Your Clients e-course (pricing strategies and best practices for client communications — This includes pricing strategies, best practices for client communications, what to include in project quotes & estimates & invoices, art of the upsell, and how to negotiate rates & create pricing strategies & charge for rush jobs, plus how to best handle client miscommunications and other issues, how to get the perfect client testimonial (includes swipe copy), and strategies for turning a one-time project into repeat client work)
  11. Goodbye 9 to 5 masterclass (step-by-step roadmap to quit your day job in the next 3 months — This includes a complete overview of what you need to do, plus sample calendars of this in action, how to set the best timeline for you, swipe files and schedule examples, and a home office checklist.)
  12. Irresistible Offers (how to create amazing products your customers adore — This includes product brainstorming & assessment, mapping out your product idea to completed product, the 6 pillars of irresistibility, real-life examples of email funnels and conversion rates, case studies about free lead magnets that do (and don’t) work, and 8 common mistakes (plus how to avoid those mistakes) when creating and promoting your products, plus an irresistibility assessment for product creation and promotion, plus what to do so you know — without a doubt — that your product is ready for your customers)

This is "Bundle C" for the Product Suite. If you are ready to up-level your freelance business, this is the bundle for you!

About your instructor

Hi! I'm Sagan Morrow (she/her), your anti-hustle Productivity Strategist & internationally board-certified Success & Life Coach.

I have 10+ years of experience in business (as a communications specialist, freelance writer/editor, blogger, and consultant, before I began teaching online courses and coaching other entrepreneurs) so I have a lot of experience in understanding what does & doesn't work for building a business... especially for solopreneurs. I've been teaching and coaching other entrepreneurs to get powerful results since 2016.

Beyond that, I also have a background of professional experience in public relations, community leadership, fundraising & development, and coordinating & managing teams. I'm an alumnus of the Anti-Racism Leadership School and I'm actively committed to doing lifelong work for a more equitable, diverse, inclusive world.

I'm on a mission to make solopreneurship easy & enjoyable, for every solopreneur who comes across my path.

That's why I created this bundle for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do these bundles work?

There are 3 core bundles that make up a tiered system in the Product Suite: Bundle A (Introduction to Anti-Hustle Mindset), Bundle B (Business Planning Package), and Bundle C (Business Strategy Bundle).

Each of these bundles lead directly into one another and build on top of each other. Bundle B includes access to all e-courses in Bundle A, and Bundle C includes access to all e-courses in both Bundle A and Bundle B.

(This means that when you purchase Bundle C, you don't need to purchase Bundles A or B, because you'll get access to all of those e-courses anyway in Bundle C!)

You also get a CREDIT for each bundle that you purchase! For example, if you purchased the previous bundle — Bundle B — for $199, you can use that as a deposit for this bundle, Bundle C (AKA you'll get a $199 credit toward your purchase of Bundle C. Woohoo!)

I have another question. Where can I get an answer?

Full details about our product suite are available HERE (includes a video overview outlining what's included in the bundle and how the credit system works).

Please contact hello[at]saganmorrow[dot]com with any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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