Solopreneur CEO is designed for YOU:

The struggling solopreneur who is 100% committed to your business success… but you aren’t currently making the progress you want to make.

You know you are ready to step it up... to take things to the next level.

You are committed to your business. As a solopreneur, you ARE the CEO… You just don’t feel like it yet, because your business isn’t structured the right way.

It’s time to truly embody your fully-capable CEO self.

The work we do together *guides and gives* you agency, permission, and creative control. You are a unique individual with a unique business… you need unique strategies to fulfill your unique potential.

You've known it for a while, haven't you?

You're ready to transition from struggling solopreneur... into Solopreneur CEO!


You’re smart, you’re driven, and you are 100% capable of being a rockstar business owner! 

What we’re not going to do, is say that you have a self-awareness issue or an issue with your personality not being right for business. Because that’s not true. You DO have the self-awareness, the smarts, the ambition, the capability, to be a business owner. That’s why you’re here, right now! 

...What you need is guidance and the RIGHT supports to make your life easier, more enjoyable, and your business a hell of a lot more successful than it is right now.

A roadmap that’s designed specifically for struggling solopreneurs to transform into successful Solopreneur CEOs. Customized to your unique obstacles, personality, and goals.

That’s where I come in. YOU know you best. I don’t know you better than you know you.

...But I DO have some super powers when it comes to drawing those pieces of you out, and connecting the dots to create the perfect ideas, strategy plans, and action steps for your beautifully unique business… and to ensure that awesome business of yours supports your current or ideal lifestyle, and your personal life values and goals.

I want you and your business to succeed, to transform into the best you can be…

...Solopreneur CEO is how we can make that happen. Together.


⭐ Month 1: Clarity 

You will have complete, utter clarity on your goals and offerings… so you can actually DO them.

(Just say "Goodbye!" to procrastination & perfectionism! They won't hold you back any longer)

⭐ Month 2: Energy

You will end the cycle of overwhelm, set everything up to prevent burnout from happening again, and save 10+ hours/week (EVERY week)—with plenty of energy leftover at the end of the day or week to enjoy that extra time however you please.

(Even if energy management is something you excel at, there are ALWAYS more ways you can achieve even more beautiful time freedom. I'll show you how)

⭐ Month 3: Creation

You will have the perfect business structure all set up… and intentionality built into every single project so that you achieve your dreamy goals faster & with more ease.

(This is a powerful way to ensure you experience sustainable scaleability with your business)

⭐ Month 4: Confidence

You will overcome fear and embody confidence, so that you STOP holding yourself back… You’ll gain the confidence you need to keep making awesome moves with your business.

(A must for people pleasers & givers!)

⭐ Month 5: Pleasure

You will experience true, unbridled joy and excitement about the work you do… including the systems, processes, and structure that your business exists in.

(This is about pleasure not just in the tasks themselves, but in how you APPROACH those tasks)

⭐ Month 6: Courage

You’ll feel like a real CEO, your business will be able to run itself without you needing to be at the helm 24/7, you’ll achieve the dreamy goals we set together at the beginning of the program, and you’ll have the courage to continue to pursue your dreams.

(You will step into your Next Level Self... and unlock your full potential as a Solopreneur CEO)

Solopreneur CEO is the ONLY program that uses a powerful hybrid of coaching, consulting, and mentoring to a) empower you to work through mindset and societal hurdles, so that you can b) take action on the RIGHT projects and tasks for your business (in a way that feels AMAZING for your personality), and c) provides you with practical, specific action steps—so you're never left wondering what you should work on, when you should do it, how it will impact your business, or the best practices to take.

You get implementation time AND coaching time, so that you can transition smoothly, seamlessly, almost effortlessly, into the next stage of your business.

You are here, reading this right now, which indicates to me that you like what you’re hearing. That all of this resonates with you. That you want your business to be more than it currently is.

I really like that about you!

Not everyone has that kind of determination that you have. You’re pretty badass. And I’d like to help you—I’d like to support you—I’d like to work with you.

Would you like that?

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The Logistics...

What are some of the practical tasks we'll accomplish?

For 6 months, we’ll work together to powerfully transform your business—including a business planning retreat to get crystal clear, restructuring how you approach your business & boosting your energy, creating an epic documentation manual and designing marketing strategies that actually get you clients and bring in revenue, boosting your confidence using a simple blueprint, doing performance reviews within your brand-new business structure, conducting powerful audits, and taking the right type of action for your unique business.

How exactly does it work?

We'll do two one-on-one sessions together every month for 6 months, and you'll get concrete action steps and implementation time to work on specific areas in between each call.

Every client who joins receives a Welcome package via snail mail, 12 coaching calls with Sagan (plus actionable "homework" and recordings of our calls), 6 months of unlimited email/text/voice messaging access to Sagan (PERFECT for in between our sessions), backstage pass to Productivity Powerhouse (retails at $2,000), and certificate of completion at the end of the program.

When does this begin?

We can get started immediately when you join!

Space is LIMITED—so you want to join sooner to ensure you don't get waitlisted!

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