This bundle includes:

  1. Anti-Hustle Method for Achieving Goals (20-minute video training + 8-page fillable workbook to help you implement changes in your solopreneur business so you can finally achieve your desired goals)
  2. Anti-Hustle Method private podcast (10 episodes to transform your thinking with journal prompts, featuring a revolutionary new approach to productivity with the mindset shifts to motivate you and transform your approach to business)
  3. Begin Your Biz Challenge (e-book + fillable checklists so you can make awesome progress with your business — in just 15 minutes/day — through an entire YEAR'S worth of daily action steps, organized into monthly themes to cover all aspects of solopreneurship)
  4. Business Bootcamp (video training for creating a strategic action plan, mission statement, and goal-setting, plus 3-month sample marketing strategy — so you get inspired and excited about business planning and strategic action plans)
  5. Business Planning Retreat Intensive (e-course for hosting a solo business retreat, plus sample business plan templates, business planning retreat questions, life plan one-pager, and how to map out ongoing weekly business audits)
  6. Foundations of Business Productivity (90-minute training outlining common solopreneur mistakes, action steps to fix those mistakes, powerful productivity assets every solopreneur needs ASAP, and a workbook to implement your learnings)

This is "Bundle B" for the Product Suite. If you are ready to transform your business foundations and set yourself up for sustainable, long-lasting growth, this is the bundle for you!

About your instructor

Hi! I'm Sagan Morrow (she/her), your anti-hustle Productivity Strategist & internationally board-certified Success & Life Coach.

I have 10+ years of experience in business (as a communications specialist, freelance writer/editor, blogger, and consultant, before I began teaching online courses and coaching other entrepreneurs) so I have a lot of experience in understanding what does & doesn't work for building a business... especially for solopreneurs. I've been teaching and coaching other entrepreneurs to get powerful results since 2016.

Beyond that, I also have a background of professional experience in public relations, community leadership, fundraising & development, and coordinating & managing teams. I'm an alumnus of the Anti-Racism Leadership School and I'm actively committed to doing lifelong work for a more equitable, diverse, inclusive world.

I'm on a mission to make solopreneurship easy & enjoyable, for every solopreneur who comes across my path.

That's why I created this bundle for you!

Join today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do these bundles work?

There are 3 core bundles that make up a tiered system in the Product Suite: Bundle A (Introduction to Anti-Hustle Mindset), Bundle B (Business Planning Package), and Bundle C (Business Strategy Bundle).

Each of these bundles lead directly into one another and build on top of each other. Bundle B includes access to all e-courses in Bundle A, and Bundle C includes access to all e-courses in both Bundle A and Bundle B.

(This means that when you purchase Bundle C, you don't need to purchase Bundles A or B, because you'll get access to all of those e-courses anyway in Bundle C!)

You also get a CREDIT for each bundle that you purchase! When you purchase this bundle — Bundle B — for $199, you can use that as a deposit for Bundle C (AKA you'll get a $199 credit toward your purchase of Bundle C. Woohoo!)

I have another question. Where can I get an answer?

Full details about our product suite are available HERE (includes a video overview outlining what's included in the bundle and how the credit system works).

Please contact hello[at]saganmorrow[dot]com with any additional questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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